When to Replace Your Residential Roof?

How can you determine that the roof above your house needs replacement? It is difficult to tell because roofs usually hide current issues, and their warning signs are not obvious all the time. Hence, what are the red flags that you must pay attention to that mean you need to replace your roof, and what do they imply? This article will provide you a list of common roofing problems that need to be attended to ASAP: 

Curling or buckling shingles  

When you can observe buckling or curling shingles, that could indicate that the shingles are already old. In this case, expert roofers highly suggest that you should let them check your roof first to know whether it only needs to be repaired or to be entirely replaced.   

The light that comes through your roof boards  

Natural lighting is always a good addition to any house. However, that’s not the case when it comes from your roof. One of the clear red flags that your roof should be repaired or replaced is when you can observe the light that enters from your attic space or the ceiling. It’s rather a clear sign that either your roof itself is damaged or there’s a large leak.   

Roof Age  

If you can find many granules on your gutters, it’s also an indicator that your roof is about to end its lifespan. Generally, a roof could last for approximately 20-25 years without considering the damage caused by the elements yet. When you think that your roof is already old and is giving up, then it’s best to ask your trusted roofing company because it’s a more cost-effective and smarter choice in the long run compared to having it fixed all over again.   

Granules in the gutters  

If your gutters have accumulated granules in them, which is a warning sign that’s not that obvious, consider that as an indicator that your roof may be required to be replaced with a new one. These strange granules typically come from your roofing shingles, and it is the protective layer stripped off because of brain damage and weathering. Without such granules, roofing shingles can be more prone to crumbling and fall of eventually.   

Water stains on attic and ceiling  

One more warning sign, which can also be alarming that you need to have your roofing inspected by a roofer, is when you can observe plentiful and large water stains on your house’s attic area and ceiling. This indicator indicates that leaks are present somewhere in your roofing, which is big enough to allow lots of water to penetrate.   

Leaks only require roof repairs, and not a total roof replacement is given that the roof itself is still new or relatively young. As soon as you can see such water stains, make sure to get your roof checked by a certified roofer.  

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